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Paragliding is yet another adventure sport that is gaining popularity in Nepal. The thrill of flying off a hilltop can be exhilarating and a wonderful way to get a birds' eye-view. Flying next to the eagles, kites and vultures can be an experience of a lifetime. The view of course can be unbelievable as you look down on temple tops, villages, terraced farmland, the beautiful Phewa Lake and the shining white peaks of the Himalayas.

The topography and climate of Nepal make it the ideal destination for such sport. The beautiful, vast valleys of Nepal with subtropical conditions provide plenty of thermals and produce perfect 'cloud streets' which are ideal for paraglider.

Pokhara, the lake valley is one of the most popular place in the world for paragliding that offers you beautiful views of the lakes and the glorious Annapurna range at altitudes ranging from 800 m to 2100 m, you can enjoy unparalleled views and the thrill is one of a kind.The takeoff site at Sarangkot height (1592m) is on the 45 m by 45m clearing cut out of the slope overlooking Phewa lake. With the lake 2000 feet below and the mountains behind, you could not ask for a more picturesque site.



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A very special program most suitable for Student groups and hardy travelers willing to forsake some comfort for the sake of adventure and a learning experience. What other better way to experience Nepal than to eat like a Nepali and live like a Nepali and at the end of the day you will feel like a Nepali. You get to experience the serene natural beauty of Nepal and the colorful culture that goes with it. This trip offers you a new concept of Village tourism where we get to live with the Gurung community of the Glalegaun Village ( typical local hill village) for two nights. Basic but comfortable local rooms with clean bathrooms are available in selected Gurung houses for Tourists. Local food is served in a traditional way. There is no electricity but the local hospitality will warm you up. Pack your bags light as we intend to cover a lot of ground. If there is festival happening, we assure you that we will take you there. Put on your walking shoes as we intend to take you along the path a local treads every day. We will visit a local school, local villages. If there is a plantation going on, you will be experiencing it. If a potter is at work, we will give you an opportunity of experiencing it as well. After all this, there is still time for relaxation and leisure tours. Believe us when we say that you have practically seen the best of all that Nepal has to offer on this trip. Experiences will be exchanged and interesting memories will be shared and recalled during a typical Nepali farewell dinner hosted by the company. A superb experience that spells 'WOW'. The only complaint we get on this trip is that it ended too soon.
15 Days