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Besides mountains, spectacular monuments and a rich, diverse culture, Nepal also has one of the most fascinating bungee sites in the world. Located near the Nepal – Tibet border, a three hours drive from Kathmandu, the jump site is a suspension bridge that sits 160m(500ft.) above a gorge through which Nepal’s one of the wildest river Bhote Koshi rushes down. Standing on the bridge and jumping off towards the river far below, is the ultimate experience for any thrill seeking adventurer.

The bungee was designed by one of New Zealands' leading bungee consultants. The suspension bridge has been especially designed by the Swiss for bungee jumping with a 4X-safety factor and has a loading capacity of 41,000 kg or 4.5 tons. Safety is given the highest priority, and the entire operation here is handled by bungee experts with vast experience. After instructions each individual’s weight is taken as different cords are used for different weight categories.



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